Friday, January 29, 2010

Under The Sea Soiree

This is a beautiful "Under The Sea" themed party I recently created for my god-daughter, Lauren's 10th birthday celebration! I have always wanted to create a "Nautical" or "Mermaid's Tea By The Sea" party and was absolutely thrilled when Lauren asked if I could create this type of event for her. She had one request though...being that she was turning a whopping 10 years old, LOL!... she asked if I could create a more "grown-up/pre-teen" version (she said, "no Disney Mermaid decorations and no tea cups") So, this is what I created for her and she absolutely loved it!

Here are some gorgeous details from her party:

Lauren's custom made party invitations. I added raffia and seashells on it for an extra pretty touch before mailing them off to her guests.

This is one of my most favorite cake creations to date! To save on time and $$$, I went ahead and ordered a plain 2-tiered cake and then added my own decorating touch to it once it arrived at the party. It's amazing what a box of brown sugar, some seashells & starfishes and a few tropical flowers can do to a cake!

The live goldfish centerpiece was such a hit! It also doubled as a lovely party favor as each guest were given a goldfish to take home in an adorable mini fishbowl at the end of the party!

My starfish chocolate fudge cupcakes...they taste as sweet as they look!

Sweets by The Sea Candy Station


  1. I featured you Under The Sea party on my blog today -

    I would love for you to add your parties to my new web site

    All your party are great!

  2. Great party! All the details are absolutely fabulous.

  3. Hi I was just wondering what is the background for the invitations made out of? Thank you!